Who we are

No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.  ~Sir Abraham

Its often said “Honesty is a rare commodity in the society today as morals, ethics and standards seem to bear little or no significance to most of the people. It’s really hard to differentiate between an Honest person and a Con”. Its how we look at it. The good and the bad exists in us and they keep fighting within…who really wins then? The one we feed the most. And that’s where ‘Focus Detective Agency’ comes in backed up with strong determination HONESTY exists,

MORALS are the pillars & ETHICS are the foundation.

Aspired to become a scientist as I was influenced by my father [Retired as a

Scientist with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), India] helped me groom my

nature of going to the roots of things without losing the big picture & exploring minute

details to reveal the “Facts” and triggered me to put the foundation stone of ‘Focus

Detective Agency’ on 18 th April 2000.

We are equipped with the best team backed up with an extensive investigative

training & most importantly dedicated to our ‘Core Values’.

PRICE (People, Reliability, Integrity, Confidentiality, Ethics)

At ‘Focus Detective Agency’ over past more than 17 years we have conducted

successful investigations in all sections of life Personal & Professional. The strength

being able to provide accurate information, finding only and only the ‘Facts’ which

enables the ‘Clients’ to take the right decision at the right time. The DNA of ‘Focus

Detective Agency’ is to Respect the Privacy of Clients and ensure that the

SERVICES offered are 100% secure to guard against any inadvertent disclosure of

private information.


[Founder: Focus Detective Agency]

Why Choose Us

About Narendra Kulkarni:


(1) B.Sc(Physics) [Shivaji University, Kolhapur 1994)   (2) Higher Diploma in Software Engg. [APTECH, Baroda 1996] (3) M.Sc (Solid State Physics) [M S University, Baroda 1998]
Additional Skills: (1) Level-3 Clinical Hypnotherapy [California Hypnosis Institute, 2015]   (2) Certified Best Life NLP Practitioner [Dr. Richard Bandler, US 2015]   (3) Certified Best Life NLP Master-Practitioner [Dr. Richard Bandler, US 2015]   (4) Completed Training Hours for ACC [Assistant Certified Coach, under ACSTH, ICF (International Coach Federation), 2015)] (5) Completed Training Hours for PCC [Professional Certified Coach, under ACSTH, ICF (International Coach Federation), 2015]


(1) Attended various Spiritual Discourses by 'Shiv Yog' (Emerging Infinite) on understanding what Spirituality means and how to implement it in day-to-day life.   (2) Reiki Master [UsuiMikao]   (3) Completed Training on EFT ([Emotional Freedom Technique] (3) Completed Training on Mood-Managers [Emotional Balance]   (4) Redikkal Healing [Metaphysical Understanding of Dis-orders in human beings]